Klint & Co develops visual brand identities for private and public companies and organizations, both large and small.

We believe that good visual branding and clear identities add value, differentiate, and are the foundation of a good market recognition and lasting customer relationships - for companies, organizations or products/services.

Our solutions are always strategically founded on our client's market strategies and market position and carried out in close co-operation with the client.

Our work typically includes: re-positioning with a new identity, modernization of an existing identity, development of brand systems, implementation of visual brand management and development of entirely new identities for new or merged companies.




Making you "top of mind"

A strong visual branding is one of the very crucial factors in today's highly competitive market place.

We focus on translating the company, organization, or product "spirits" into visually unique and lasting identity designs that contribute to strengthening the market position.

Based on the functional analysis, developed in close cooperation with the client, we develop and visualize the identity strategy focusing on an effective visual positioning in relation to competitors.

  • Visualization of the brand identity
  • Identity strategies
  • Visual positioning strategies


Branded House vs House of Brands

Your company may already have a successful branding strategy for the corporate communication (including a company visual identity with logo, typography, company profile, website etc.). But maybe your line of products and services need to be treated differently or individually in order to obtain a stronger product branding.

Setting up the visual brand architecture is crucial in determining how individual brands inside an organization relate to each other to create optimized synergy market and segment wise as well as practicality in maintaining the brand(s).

Though complexity varies every organization, large or small, benefits from a well laid-out architecture.

  • Brand relationship definition
  • Brand consolidation
  • Visualization of brand architecture
  • Visual brand portfolio management




Getting it to the right target audience

Klint & Co believes that the visual branding should be evident at all levels - from TV spots over the individual business card to the internal communication - to support a consistent brand awareness.

We help companies setting up effective tailor-made communication strategies and media plans for both print, TV and internet based platforms / digital media.

  • Online/offline communication strategies
  • New media communication strategies
  • Media plans


Keeping the visual brand on track

We offer ongoing "monitoring" and management of the identity design to ensure that it stays on track. Even with an appropriately implemented design, "proliferation" may occur, and new needs arise that require conscious consideration before they are accepted and implemented.

Our work also includes ensuring that all graphic material follows a defined direction and is easy to use in daily communications.

We have developed a digital, web-based system - Visual Brand Master - to help our clients managing their brand related material.

  • Visual Brand Master: digital brand manual
  • Periodic "inspections" of the design use
  • Installation of on- and offline templates




Integrating all platforms

It makes little sense to talk about visual branding without focusing on the overall, integrated identity and how it appears on a broad front on several platforms. Using responsive web design you only need one website for all mobile platforms.

This integration is one of our core competencies and is described in detail under each item on this site.

  • Responsive web/mobile design
  • Offline integration
  • Online/mobile platforms integration
  • 3D and new media integration